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Ironcad 2013 Activation




Customization and apps {#sec3-3-3} You can customize how your program looks, your color scheme, the keyboard shortcuts and any menu items. When you customize a menu item, it becomes the first option in the menu. In this way, it can be the default for new users and easy to find. Customization is done by clicking on the 'Options' button at the top of the screen and selecting 'Appearance'. On the Appearance tab, you can set your color scheme and keyboard shortcuts for IronCAD, as well as your preferences for the dock and apps. Selecting the 'Keyboard Shortcuts' tab allows you to specify what IronCAD does when you press a key. For instance, you may want the program to launch in full-screen mode or to open a specific drawing file. Keyboards are mapped out in the Keyboards.txt file which is in the same folder as your IronCAD installation. Click on the 'Dock' tab to choose what icons and



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Ironcad 2013 Activation
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